Words of Wisdom – It’s Cold Outside. Be Thankful and Help Others

Greetings! Todays Words of Wisdom come from Sister Kay three years ago, and are equally valid today:

Porch sittin this very cold Wednesday morning at 32 degrees!!! Yup, it’s cold out here. But will be worse tomorrow.

Please, if you have extra blankets, take them to your nearest shelter or tent city. With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, you have much to be thankful for. Give someone a reason to be thankful for you.

It doesn’t take much. If you see someone in need, help. Even if it’s only picking up something they dropped. Be a good Samaritan. Do good in this world. Help others to see, we aren’t completely morally bankrupt!!!

I hope your day is filled with helping hands, guided by love!!! Hugs to all!!!

Thank you Sister Karen for this reminder, and thank you everyone for doing what you can to help others especially during these trying times. We all need help from time to time.

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