Words of Wisdom for March 10th, 2020

Wisdom written in stone.
Wisdom written in stone.

The Holy Beard’s Wisdom for today:

Don’t procrastinate spending time with the ones that you love. Whether they be family or friends, pets or livestock… if you feel a positive bond, make the time to spend with them. Sometimes all that it takes is popping in for a few minutes when you are in the area, making the phone call when you are thinking about them, or (for animals) spending an extra minute with them during feeding time. These small moments don’t seem like much, but they really do make a big difference in the person’s life, and when the time comes that you don’t have this ability any more, you will be really glad that you had these moments. So next time that you tell yourself that you will visit with them later, or that you are trying to hurry and can’t spend the moment with them right now, Make the Time. …One day you will be glad that you did. One day you will wish that you had made more time to spend with them.

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