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Words of Wisdom – It’s Cold Outside. Be Thankful and Help Others

Greetings! Todays Words of Wisdom come from Sister Kay three years ago, and are equally valid today: Porch sittin this very cold Wednesday morning at 32 degrees!!! Yup, it’s cold out here. But will be worse tomorrow. Please, if you have extra blankets, take them to your nearest shelter or tent city. With tomorrow being …

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What is a Religious Belief?

Religious Belief. You know… I’ve spent the past few weeks researching definitions of religion and religious beliefs in hopes of being able to give you short and simple definitions for the Temple encyclopedia. The result of all of my research is… that it’s not as easy to define as you might think. Which is why …

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Words of Wisdom for March 10th, 2020

The Holy Beard’s Wisdom for today: Don’t procrastinate spending time with the ones that you love. Whether they be family or friends, pets or livestock… if you feel a positive bond, make the time to spend with them. Sometimes all that it takes is popping in for a few minutes when you are in the …

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