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The information on this page is a brief overview of the core beliefs of The Holy Beard and the Temple of the Holy Beard as an organization.


We all are interconnected. …Humans, animals, nature, every one and every thing. So we have an obligation to care for the planet just as we would care for our body. We all have a right to live healthy, privately and safely, and to defend when our health, privacy or safety are threatened. Chemicals and artificial ingredients threaten the health of the planet, our bodies, minds and spirits; and every effort should be made to avoid these threats. Appreciate the little things because everything matters. Self-sufficiency, self-reflection, and living in harmony with nature are the path to enlightenment.

Everything has a Spirit, Support the Spirit

A spirit (or soul to some) exists in everything. Natural objects, natural phenomena (lightening, thunder, etc.), and even the universe itself has a spirit with desires, and intentions. A human being is a spirit having a human experience. The spirit exists within the body as a container that it uses to navigate through this existence. When the body container dies, that spirit is released to return to ‘heaven’ until another body is available for the spirit to be reborn into. While the Earthly body has a finite and relatively short lifespan, the spirit lives much longer as it continues to be reborn into additional bodies throughout time.

Our purpose for our existence here is to improve the spirit so that it may be more intelligent when it leaves than it was when it arrived. Some spirits are sent here to have a certain experience or to learn a certain lesson so that it can take that knowledge with it when it returns to ‘heaven’ and on to the next lifespan. We must live our lives with the intention of improving ourselves and our spirit by doing what feels right. The spirit must be kept healthy and happy. An unhappy or unhealthy spirit will take that with it into the next life experience. People who are born seemingly unhappy or unhealthy are those who were unhappy or unhealthy in their past live, and were unable to reconcile their problems before being reborn and are here now as another opportunity to work through these problems. By keeping your spirit happy and healthy during this life, you are also giving it a better start for when it enters its next life experience.

Spiritual Connections

Certain souls bond and are connected on a spiritually energetic level. When these souls find each other on earth, the beings connect and feel the connection. Bonded souls are draw to each other and typically find each other during each earthly existence.

Pursue Your Interests

When you feel as though you are being drawn towards or pushed away from something, that is your spirit providing you with direction. Your spirit is unable to communicate the same way as your mind is, instead it communicates by pushing or pulling energetically or drawing your attention to something. If you feel as though you should do something or not do something, you should seriously consider following those feelings. Except of course, in times that following these feelings would hurt your body, someone else’s body, or property that doesn’t belong to you. Always make a conscious decision before taking action.


We are all part of nature, and nature is part of us. Nature provides the food to nourish and sustain our body, mind, and spirit. Only naturally grown and harvested foods should be consumed as these provide the only healthy nutrients. Unfortunately, modern farming and food processing practices have tainted commercial food sources with unnatural chemicals which accelerate the deterioration of the mind and body, and poison the spirit and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Health Care

The best health care is through healthy eating. Avoid foods modified from what nature provided. Commercially processed foods which seek to hide their unnatural ingredients can be hazardous to good health. Avoid cooking methods which modify the food from what nature intended. Use caution with prescription medications as these “treatments” modify the body away from it’s natural form. Traditional and homeopathic methods have existed successfully for thousands of years; unfortunately many modern people are unaware and need to be taught. 

Pharmaceutical medications are usually not designed to cure (except for things like antibiotics), but instead are designed to help you to feel better so that you can get on with your life. The hope is that either your body will heal on its own over time or you will receive the therapy that you need. Unfortunately, often times you will continue taking the medication indefinitely (i.e. making permanent customers.), and instead of healing, you will develop additional health problems caused by the medication. Nature creates a cure for every natural ailment.


Attracting attention to one’s self stands to distract from the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment, and can bring undesirable security challenges. We must dress and act in a modest and humble way so that the focus can instead be on the task at hand. Unless you are acting in a play that requires eccentricity, it is much more beneficial to allow others to get to know your inner personality rather than be attracted by a shiny object.


Freedom is being able to pursue your interests in the way that you feel is best. Everyone should be free to think the way that they want to think; worship, believe, memorialize, and celebrate the way that they feel is best; and pursue or practice any hobbies or jobs, or learn new skills so long as it doesn’t conflict with another’s freedom, privacy, or security.

Freedom of Belief.

Nobody should be required to or prevented from believing or doing something that they truly feel is right or wrong for them, so long as these actions do not harm or infringe on another. Every mature individual has the ability to decide what is best for themself. Children should be guided and protected by their parent(s) or guardian(s), and not coerced to believe by people outside of the family.

Freedom of Life.

Freedom to Work, and to Retire.

Freedom to Travel or to Stay Home.

Freedom to Learn or Remain Ignorant.

Freedom to Question.

Freedom to Speak.

Freedom to Say Yes.

Freedom to Say No.


Self-Sufficiency and Preparedness


Teach a man to fish. If need help, by all means, seek help. But don’t just wander off and let them do the work for you, help and learn so that you can do for yourself next time. Do not become dependent on others unless you completely unable to do for yourself. Grow your own food. Conduct your own maintenance and repairs. Create your own income.


Just as the squirrel stores food for the winter, so should you store essentials for an unexpected turn of events.

Security and Defense

There will always be some one or some thing that wished to do harm or damage others, property, the community, or the natural environment. Individuals who are physically and mentally capable must have the knowledge and ability to defend against the aggressor. Everyone has a right to live in peace and harmony, but when that peace and harmony are threatened, all are obligated to protect it.


Security is more than just locking the door… Security is defined as feeling safe and being prepared for bad things to happen. The Holy Beard teaches that we should not only lock our doors and windows, but also retain a reasonable amount of money for living expenses, and other household necessities in preparation for a disaster or other unexpected life altering event.


Like Security, self-defense is not simple or easy.

-the doctrine that the soul is the principle of life and health.

-belief in spiritual beings and the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.

— freedom is based on having the ability to pursue your own interests. 


Killing is never encouraged. However, killing is allowed for food, defense, and as a last resort so to not prolong suffering, or to protect from those who are incapable of living peacefully as part of the community.

All lives taken should be done so with dignity and respect. Whenever possible, the dispatched spirit should be given a brief statement of apology for the killing, along with a statement of justification so that the soul can go in peace knowing that the death has meaning.

One should never feel excited about completing this task, and should make every effort to provide an honorable death.

The World

Humans aren’t special. We are just another living thing in this universe, trying to get from birth to death with some amount of happiness and success. Thinking that humans are better than another species has only caused chaos and destruction. Instead we must consider ourselves stewards and caretakers. We must live in ways that compliment nature and other species, and make efforts to assist struggling areas, to heal the unhealthy with natural remedies, and to retain a healthy balance of all living things.

If it has a TV commercial, it’s usually not good for you.

*See the Commandments of the Holy Beard for more information.


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