What is mead? – An alcoholic beverage of unknown but ancient origins made from fermented honey, water, and a combination of fruits and / or spices for flavoring. Some modern variations also include fermented grains similar to beer. Mead is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, but lack of documentation from the past and limited archaeological studies make this difficult to prove; although this conclusion makes a sense given the simplicity and commonality of the base ingredients.

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Alcoholic beverage Disclaimer

The Temple of the Holy Beard does not encourage or condone the consumption of alcohol by anyone not legally allowed, those with health issues preventing it, pregnant or nursing, or personal beliefs against it. So before consuming any alcoholic beverages be sure that you are of legal age on your area.

However, if you are of legal age and without health issues, not pregnant or nursing, and have no personal beliefs against it, then consuming alcoholic beverages can be a good way to help you to relax, release a little stress, and even let go of some of your inhibitions for a little while. Have fun with it, drink responsibly, and never, ever drink and drive.


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