Compost is made from decomposed organic matter such as grass clippings, leaves, dead plants, branches or saw dust, and / or certain animal manure. It is a great natural fertilizer for your lawn and garden, and can be applied by simply spreading it over the area, mixing it in with the native soil, or even by making a ‘compost tea’ to water with. Compost is the oldest and most environmentally friendly fertilizer available, and you can easily make it yourself for free.

Most compost is made in simple pile, but special commercially made containers are also available for purchase if you would like, or you could make a container if you prefer. A compost container or bin does not have to be very involved, a metal trash can painted black will work well, or a couple of pallets nailed together for walls will also work well. Then turning or mixing the pile periodically will help with the decomposition process. Covering the pile with black plastic or some type of lid will help to hold in heat and accelerate the process.

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