Not to be confused with an ‘Advicehole’; an ‘Askhole” is:

1. Someone who asks for your advice or suggestions about something that is important to them. Then instead of following your advice (even just a little), they do exactly what you told them not to do. A ‘hardcore askhole’ does this on a regular and ongoing basis and should be left to make their own decisions.

2. A person who asks an excessive amount of unrelated or obnoxious questions.

“John asks the same dumb questions all day every day, and never does what you tell him anyway… What an askhole!”

3. Someone who asks you to do things that are of no benefit, or seem to be just taking advantage of you.

Person 1: “The boss keeps telling me to do these stupid projects, then she never ends up using them…”

Person 2: “Yep. She does that to me too. She is such an askhole.”

Recommendation: Save your breath… Don’t bother providing advice to an askhole as it will usually cause you stress later on. Instead, when seek your advice, simply say “I don’t know” or turn the conversation back around to them by asking them what they think that they should do. Often times the askhole simply wants to vent about the topic that is bothering them most at that time, so by simply listening to them complain should help them to feel better about it.

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