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A suggestion or recommendation based on ones opinion or personal experience.


A person who constantly gives advice even when their advice was not requested.


To provide suggestions, directions, or other information in a formal or professional manner.


Apathy – That feeling when you just don’t care. When you don’t feel happy or sad about what just happened, instead you just feel neutral or numb. | Apathy


Not to be confused with an ‘Advicehole’; an ‘Askhole” is: 1. Someone who asks for your advice or suggestions about something that is important to them. Then instead of following your advice (even just a little), they do exactly what you told them not to do. A ‘hardcore askhole’ does this on a regular and …

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Bacon – (ie. Real bacon) Made from the meat on the underside (belly) or back of a pig. Can be prepared in multiple ways, but traditionally dry cured, then smoked to preserve the meat and give it the smokey flavor that bacon is famous for. Modern store-bought bacon is typically flavored by injecting the meat …

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Boob – 1. A slang term meaning someone who has below average intelligence. 2. A slang term referring to a person’s breast. 3. A type of bird.


Boob-tube – A slang term referring to the television (TV). Boob-tube comes from the idea that spending too much time watching TV will decrease your intelligence and make you a ‘boob’.


Bramble – Wild rose bushes. Often misused to refer to many types of wild, thorny plants including blackberries. The Holy Beard says that it is important to teach the difference between these types of plants especially when educating about survival and wild edible plants.


(noun) “An Idiot from the city.” First coined by The Holy Beard, Pastor Dave in 2019. A ‘Citidiot’ is a person or people who visit or move from the city to the country or a rural area, then upon arrival, expect for the rural area to have all of the city amenities that they are …

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Compost is made from decomposed organic matter such as grass clippings, leaves, dead plants, branches or saw dust, and / or certain animal manure. It is a great natural fertilizer for your lawn and garden, and can be applied by simply spreading it over the area, mixing it in with the native soil, or even …

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Driveway – The road or path that you are to drive or walk on while heading to or from the house, building, or other facility.  “Why do you keep driving on the lawn? The lawn is not part of the driveway.”


Euphemism – A gentler way to phrase something that might otherwise be considered harsh, hurtful, or embarrassing. Example: “Joe passed away on Saturday” Is a euphemism for: “Joe died”. Or “He wasn’t acting professionally, so I had to let him go” Is a euphemism for: “I fired him because he was rude to the customers”.


A garden is simply an area where plants are grown.  Whether these plants are food-bearing, flowering, herbal, or otherwise is a matter of opinion and personal preference.  Gardens can be decorative or functional, or both, but are normally purpose-built, however, can incorporate natural / wild growing plants and trees (a Zen garden at the edge …

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Idjidit – A country-folk slang term which is used to refer to a close friend who is in fact intelligent, but at the time, made a poor decision or is acting like an idiot. By calling them an idjidit you are not calling them dumb, but rather stating that they are just not thinking intelligently at …

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What is mead? – An alcoholic beverage of unknown but ancient origins made from fermented honey, water, and a combination of fruits and / or spices for flavoring. Some modern variations also include fermented grains similar to beer. Mead is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, but lack of documentation from …

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A slang term which basically means that the topic doesn’t matter to the person, or ‘do what you want’.


A slang term meaning ‘No Problem’. Often used in place of saying ‘You’re Welcome’ .


Plinking – A country folk slang term meaning firearm target practice. Plinking became the slang term due to the sound that the bullet makes when hitting a tin can which was a common target used before modern paper targets were affordable and readily available.


Progress: meaning to move forward or make changes which are intended to improve the situation to get you closer to your goal. 

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