About The Holy Beard

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The gateway to knowledge that will help you to build a better world.

The Temple of the Holy Beard was established in 2010; led by Pastor Dave. Pastor Dave has been hearing the good word for the better part of his life, and has been instructed to pass on this knowledge to those who would like to hear it, in hopes of helping others to improve themselves, and to help make this world more livable place.

Pastor Dave is an ordained minister. Providing self-sufficiency education, and spiritual guidance.  The Holy Beard emphasizes self-sufficiency in the form of spiritual, financial, and emergency preparedness as well as every day life improvements which lead to lowered stress, improved self-confidence, and overall happiness.

I found peace by discovering who I am at a deep level, and am now offering assistance to help others do the same.

-Pastor Dave

Remember that the Temple door is always (metaphorically) open. Send me an email, or respond in the comments section if you need to talk.

Disclaimer: The Temple of the Holy Beard is a not for profit organization not affiliated with any other religious or commercial organization.

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