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Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag (also known as Go Bag) – Usually stored at home or at work (for those who may need to travel for work in a hurry), containing a first aid kit, a couple changes of clothes, tools, food, hygiene products, and other items essential to make this bag your mobile home.


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TEOTWAWKI means “The End Of The World As We Know It”. Referring to a major event or string of events that changes society or the physical world to a point that it will never be the same again. TEOTWAWKI Examples A zombie apocalypse. Or An alien invasion such as on the movie “Independence Day”. Or …

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Z-Virus – A hypothetical virus often mentioned in books and movies. Z-Virus is capable of turning a healthy human being and sometimes animals into a zombie.


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zombie zombies

Zombie – 1. ‘The walking dead’. A hypothetical creature which no longer behaves as a normal human, and now simply roams the earth with nothing on its mind except to feed on other humans. 2. A person who has become separated from normal reality and is unable to think for themself. | Zombie Definition Are …

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