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‘AMF’ is slang code for ‘Adios Mother Fucker’. Often said as a threat, or with intent to instill fear among the receiver(s). Also sometimes used by Spanish speaking teens or ‘vatos’ as a way to sound ‘cool’ when saying goodbye to a friend. ‘Adios’ is Spanish for goodbye, and quite possibly the most well-known Spanish …

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Boob – 1. A slang term meaning someone who has below average intelligence. 2. A slang term referring to a person’s breast. 3. A type of bird.

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Boob-tube – A slang term referring to the television (TV). Boob-tube comes from the idea that spending too much time watching TV will decrease your intelligence and make you a ‘boob’.

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(noun) “An Idiot from the city.” Citidiot – First coined by The Holy Beard, Pastor Dave in 2019. A ‘Citidiot’ is a person or people who visit or move from the city to the country or a rural area. Upon arrival, citidiots expect for the rural area to have all of the city amenities that …

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Deja Poo

Deja Poo – adj. The feeling of having heard this crap before.

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Heathen: 1. A person whom believes in the existence of multiple gods and / or goddesses. 2. Christian leadership used “heathen” as a derogatory slang term to single out Norse pagans and Vikings, and to give the impression that these people were uncivilized and should not be trusted. Many years later some of these people …

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Idjidit – A country-folk slang term which is used to refer to a close friend who is in fact intelligent, but at the time, made a poor decision or is acting like an idiot. By calling them an idjidit you are not calling them dumb, but rather stating that they are just not thinking intelligently at …

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Jackass – 1. A donkey. Sometimes used by farmers as a guardian animal to protect livestock.  “Look at the jackass running across the field…  What do you think he’s going to do when he catches those citidiots?” 2. A slang term used to describe an arrogant person who demands things that others consider dumb ideas.

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Karen – A slang term meaning that the person complains a lot, but doesn’t take much, if any action to try to solve the problem that they are complaining about.

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A slang term which basically means that the topic doesn’t matter to the person, or ‘do what you want’.

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A slang term meaning ‘No Problem’. Often used in place of saying ‘You’re Welcome’ .

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Plinking – A country folk slang term meaning firearm target practice. Plinking became the slang term due to the sound that the bullet makes when hitting a tin can which was a common target used before modern paper targets were affordable and readily available.

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People who act like sheep in that they look for someone to tell them what to think; or simply follow what their friends do.

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Slang – 1. A made-up word or term used to fill a vocabulary need where ignorance or laziness leaves a void. 2. A made-up derogatory term.

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TY – A modern slang statement meaning ‘Thank you‘. Typically used in text form by those too lazy to type out full words. This is one more example of the idiocracy of the modern ‘first world’ countries which not only allow, but encourage the dumbing down of society.

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Youngin – Originally started as a country slang term, then later made it’s way to the inner cities and is now more commonplace. Young’in evolved from the words ‘young one’ or ‘youngster’ which means ‘child’ or ‘kid’, and is usually used by an elder male referring to a teen or preteen child. Example: “Hey youngin, …

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