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An abbot or abbess is the title of the superior of a monastery or convent. Some scholars and practitioners have used these titles to apply to the ranking monk or nun of a Buddhist monastic community as well. Harvard University Pluralism Project

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Assayuja – a day of special importance in Theravada traditions. Marks the Buddha’s descent from second heaven, where he preached the Dharma to his mother. The day also marks the end of the three-month vassa, or rainy season retreat for monastics, in Southeast Asia. Harvard University Pluralism Project

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Avalokiteshvara is the bodhisattva (or person on the path towards Buddhahood) who looks down with compassion upon the suffering of all beings. In East Asia. This bodhisattva came to be popular in female form as Guanyin (China), Kannon (Japan) or Kwan Um (Korea), holding a willow branch and vase symbolic of her miraculous healing power. In Tibet, Avalokiteshvara is …

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Bodhi – a Buddhist Sanskrit term that means enlightenment or awakening. It is a direct awareness or realization of the changing and interdependent nature of reality which is accompanied by the elimination of the defilements and clinging that bind one to the suffering characteristic of ordinary life. Harvard University Pluralism Project

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Christian Construct

Christian Construct – ‘Construct’ comes from the word ‘construction’ as in to build or create something. ‘Christian’ refers to the Christian organization or idology. Combined, ‘Christian Construct’ refers to an idea or idology invented or ‘constructed’ by the Christian organizational leadership, or its followers based on the leadership’s guidance. This ‘guidance’ is typically created in …

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Deity – A generic term meaning “the god or religious figure who you worship or pray to.” Fun Fact: Former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama was the first U.S. President to use the term ‘diety’ rather than ‘god’ in a speach. (…and people still try to claim that he wasn’t Muslin.) (It really doesn’t matter …

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Elder – 1. An individual who is older than you. 2. One who lived during an earlier period. 3. An individual who has authority due to age and experience. (The village elders.) 4. A senior ordained minister whom has responsibilities to help administer the church through pastoral guidance, preach, teach, preside at ceremonies, rituals, and …

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Rabbi – (noun) A Jewish religious leader or teacher. To become a rabbi, a person must first study a course of Jewish texts such as the Talmud, then be ordained by another rabbi.

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