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A person who constantly gives advice even when their advice was not requested.

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Not to be confused with an ‘Advicehole’; an ‘Askhole” is: 1. Someone who asks for your advice or suggestions about something that is important to them. Then instead of following your advice (even just a little), they do exactly what you told them not to do. A ‘hardcore askhole’ does this on a regular and …

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(noun) “An Idiot from the city.” Citidiot – First coined by The Holy Beard, Pastor Dave in 2019. A ‘Citidiot’ is a person or people who visit or move from the city to the country or a rural area. Upon arrival, citidiots expect for the rural area to have all of the city amenities that …

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Friend – (noun) 1. A person you know and have a bond of mutual respect with, typically not of sexual or family relations. A friend is similar to family, but not usually as deep of a connection. 2. According to ‘ampproject.org‘, the Christian “God has specific expectations of what a friend must be willing to …

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speakers hoarder hoarding

Hoarder – (noun) A person who collects to excess obsessively. May include things that would commonly be thrown away such as bags or broken items; or items not easily obtained. (i.e. The ultra wealthy hoard money.) Sometimes due to a mental health disorder. A derogatory slang term used to create tension, aggression, and division between …

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Ignorant – 1. Having little or no knowledge of the subject. 2. A discourteous or rude individual who not only lacks knowledge or awareness of a subject, but actively refuses to acknowledge and intentionally disregards all information on the subject(s). Entomology of Ignorant: The root word “Ignore” comes from Latin meaning to “Refuse to take notice of …

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Jackass – 1. A donkey. Sometimes used by farmers as a guardian animal to protect livestock.  “Look at the jackass running across the field…  What do you think he’s going to do when he catches those citidiots?” 2. A slang term used to describe an arrogant person who demands things that others consider dumb ideas.

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Karen – A slang term meaning that the person complains a lot, but doesn’t take much, if any action to try to solve the problem that they are complaining about.

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Neurodiversity [noor-oh-di-vur-si-tee] – (noun) 1. The term used when someone’s brain processes, learns, and / or behaves differently from what is considered “typical” or “normal”. 2. The variation and differences in neurological structure and function that exist among human beings, especially when viewed as being normal and natural rather than pathological. Antonyms: Neurotypical Very Well …

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Ostrobogulous – 1. Weird; 2. indecent; 3. bizarre, interesting, or unusual. 4. Queer. References: Wiktionary.org

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Scholar – 1. Someone who studies a subject in great detail. 2. Someone who is good at learning by studying. References: Cambridge.org

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Self-Centered – A person who is primarily focused on their own interests, needs, and desires; having little or no concern for others. Do you know someone who is self-centered?  If so, please describe them in the comments below. Merriam-Webster Everydayhealth.com

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People who act like sheep in that they look for someone to tell them what to think; or simply follow what their friends do.

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