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Deja Poo

Deja Poo – adj. The feeling of having heard this crap before.

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Fake News

Fake News [feyk-nooz] – (adjective) A rather new term used to describe any information being provided which may not be completely accurate, politically accepted, or publicly disclosed at that time. Etymology of Fake News The term “Fake News” was originally used in an attempt to slander public figures who did not fit into the “status …

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speakers hoarder hoarding

Hoarder – (noun) A person who collects to excess obsessively. May include things that would commonly be thrown away such as bags or broken items; or items not easily obtained. (i.e. The ultra wealthy hoard money.) Sometimes due to a mental health disorder. A derogatory slang term used to create tension, aggression, and division between …

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Ignorant – 1. Having little or no knowledge of the subject. 2. A discourteous or rude individual who not only lacks knowledge or awareness of a subject, but actively refuses to acknowledge and intentionally disregards all information on the subject(s). Entomology of Ignorant: The root word “Ignore” comes from Latin meaning to “Refuse to take notice of …

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Turkey Bacon

Turkey Bacon – Advertised as a bacon substitute for people who don’t want to consume real bacon. Turkey bacon is made of processed turkey meat with smokey flavoring, then formed into strips so to look similar to real bacon. This product is often advertised as a “healthy alternative” to real bacon, but studies have shown …

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TY – A modern slang statement meaning ‘Thank you‘. Typically used in text form by those too lazy to type out full words. This is one more example of the idiocracy of the modern ‘first world’ countries which not only allow, but encourage the dumbing down of society.

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