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Christian Construct

Christian Construct – ‘Construct’ comes from the word ‘construction’ as in to build or create something. ‘Christian’ refers to the Christian organization or idology. Combined, ‘Christian Construct’ refers to an idea or idology invented or ‘constructed’ by the Christian organizational leadership, or its followers based on the leadership’s guidance. This ‘guidance’ is typically created in …

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Fake News

Fake News [feyk-nooz] – (adjective) A rather new term used to describe any information being provided which may not be completely accurate, politically accepted, or publicly disclosed at that time. Etymology of Fake News The term “Fake News” was originally used in an attempt to slander public figures who did not fit into the “status …

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Heretic – (noun) 1. A person holding an opinion or belief which goes against that which is popular or generally accepted. 2. A term used to label a person who believes differently than what is taught or allowed by ‘the church’. Heretic History: A Christian Construct invented with the spread of Christianity. A heretic (in …

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speakers hoarder hoarding

Hoarder – (noun) A person who collects to excess obsessively. May include things that would commonly be thrown away such as bags or broken items; or items not easily obtained. (i.e. The ultra wealthy hoard money.) Sometimes due to a mental health disorder. A derogatory slang term used to create tension, aggression, and division between …

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Pagan: 1. One who does not worship Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. 2. A Christian construct term used to single-out or segregate non-Christian believers. Sometimes used as a derogatory term to imply that these people are godless or uncivilized. A pagan could be monotheistic, polytheistic, or atheist. Though this term is often used to imply certain …

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