“Encourage the Hesitant” – The UK Plans to Send Squads Door-to-Door.

By Jeff Thompson

“Encourage the Hesitant…”

We’ve witnessed the creation of “camps.” We’ve witnessed the American government hiring internment and resettlement specialists. [source]…

We’ve witnessed Australia round up children, separate them from their parents, and then march them into an armed men-surrounded stadium for the jab.

And now, the United Kingdom is gearing up to send door-to-door squads throughout its English-occupied country. Honestly, this shouldn’t surprise anybody by this point. This is exactly what the “conspiracy theorists” have been predicting by looking at the stepping stones of current events for two years now. And though America has already gotten a brief taste of what this is like, let us once more consider what this means…

For starters, this means that there is a government-created list within the United Kingdom of who has taken the jab and who has not. Should you have thought that your medical decisions were private in a socialist state, you could not have been more wrong.

And what happens when the government makes a list?…

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