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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, in no particular order, is a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Temple of the Holy Beard. If your question isn’t listed here, feel free to ask in the comments section, or contact us for a private response. We enjoy and encourage questions. Just don’t be a jerk about it.

What Religion are you?

Beardism.  The Temple of the Holy Beard is not affiliated with any mainstream religions or religious organizations. We are our own entity sharing the wisdom of the Holy Beard.

I already have a religion. Do I have to denounce my faith before joining The Temple of the Holy Beard?

No, of course not. We would never tell you to give up your beliefs or denounce another faith. Those beliefs can suppliment Beardism, or Beardism can suppliment it. However, what you choose to believe is a completely personal decision. We are available to help you with any concerns or questions that you have.

What if my beliefs are different?

That’s ok. We embrace differences and encourage freedom of thought. So long as you feel the same way and share our core values, we highly encourage you to join or follow the Temple of the Holy Beard.

Do you believe in God?

Please be more specific. To which “god” are you referring?  We believe in the possible existence of many gods, or beings that humans refer to as a god. However, our ‘almighty’ is the Holy Beard.

Who is the Holy Beard?

The Holy Beard is not a person, but rather a source of wisdom and a connection to the Devine Knowledge Library.

Why the Beard?

1. Beard is the form that God took when He first communicated with mankind in the ancient past, and it is the form that He continues to take when communicating with His most loyal believers today.

2. The Holy Beard teaches us that the connection to the devine is strongest through facial hair, and the longer the facial hair is, the stronger the connection may be. Scalp hair is also used to connect to the devine when said hair is long enough. For individuals who are unable to grow facial or scalp hair, Pastor Dave is able to act as a conduit for them and teach other, but less stable ways to connect.

Who is Pastor Dave?

Our Savior, Pastor Dave is the Prophet and Folicle of the Holy Beard, the founder of The Temple of the Holy Beard, and the first to harness the power of the Holy Beard to communicate with the Source of All Knowledge.

Pastor Dave has been guided by the Holy Beard to share sacred knowledge with those who would only use it for the betterment of life on Earth.

Who can join? / Can I join?

Anyone can join if it feels right to you. In return we simply expect that you show respect to the other members, share our Core Values, and from time to time take an active role by responding to posts, interacting with other members, or sharing related articles for others to enjoy. If you are a writer (of any experience level) and would like to, more formally, share your knowledge with other Temple members, simply send your writing to us ( and we will publish it on your behalf or follow the “Write For Us” link to become an official Temple writer.

How Can I Join?

At this time we are still working through the details of our official membership roster. However, if you sign up for our email list, browser notifications, and/or join our Facebook group, you will be kept informed of all things Temple of the Holy Beard.

How is the Temple funded?

Currently, Pastor Dave provides all funding out of pocket. However, we are in the process of establishing donation capabilities via our website, ‘go fund me’ type campaigns, and have joined affiliate programs. In the future we plan to operate an online store selling Temple of the Holy Beard merchandise as well as other high quality products.

What do you call a member of the Temple of the Holy Beard?

A ‘Beardian’

What is Beardism?

Beardism is a combination of vintage folk beliefs from various parts of the world, traditional eclectic ways, homeopathy, gardening, homesteading, and self-sufficiency.

What makes you different from my current church?

The Temple of the Holy Beard is not a mainstream “church.”  Rather than telling what to believe and how to think, the Holy Beard provides guidance as needed, support for your personal internal beliefs, and education to help you to improve upon yourself.  The Holy Beard will never tell you that what you believe is wrong unless you were led to that belief based on incorrect information. 

The Holy Beard believes that most everyone has the ability think for themselves. Unfortunately many have been fed lies for years, if not generations. The Temple of the Holy Beard is on a mission to set straight these lies, one person at a time. We accept all membership requests so along as the person has an open mind and an honest spirit.

Are you anti-vaccine?

No, we are pro-make-your-own-decisions.

I have beliefs that aren’t necessarily accepted in mainstream society. Will you still accept me as a member?

In short, we accept most everyone as a member so long as you share our Core Values, respect our beliefs, and generally speaking, you aren’t a jerk. However, we cannot support or condone these ‘other beliefs’ that you speak of, without knowing what they are. Please continue with your membership request. But it sounds like we should have a private discussion.

Note: Any private discussions that are heard in confidence by clergy are considered confessional and protected by the First Ammendment of the United States Constitution, as priest-penitent privilege. (Feel free to look it up.)

Aren’t you just a knockoff of the Church of the Flying Speghetti Monster?

No. Although the Church of the Flying Speghetti Monster (FSM) has become more well known in today’s society, and have a similar origins story, we are very different religions and religious groups.

However, if one considers the similarities in our origin stories, the physical description of our deities, and some of our core beliefs, one could theorize that the Holy Beard and the Flying Speghetti Monster may have been one in the same. A natural beard does look very similar to the FSM description, minus the pasta and meatballs (except maybe on pasta night).

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think. Do you agree or disagree? Tell us about it.

Education. Self-Sufficiency. Spiritual Growth.

Hurt Feelings Disclaimer

We at the Temple of the Holy Beard recognize that some of the topics that we write about could be controversial, or may contradict the story that you accept and are accustomed to hearing. While it is not our intention to offend you, The Temple of the Holy Beard cannot be held liable for your interpretation of our content, or any hurt feelings that you may suffer as a result of said content.

The content on this website was written with our interests in mind. While we do hope that you enjoy our content and have a good time visiting our site, some of the content here may not be completely politically correct to today’s standards. It is not our intention to offend you, but you may find some of this content offensive simply because it contradicts your beliefs or knowledge compared to what you were taught. However, if you encounter any information which you know for certain is incorrect, please comment below that post and include a website or book so that we can research it further.


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